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Spearit Beads & Co - Where Beads have Spearit!
Spearit Beads & Co
Where Beads have Spearit!
What our customers are saying~~

Amazing to find such a wonderful bead shop so close to home!! The classes sound like a wonderful gift idea.

You're just getting better and better.

Loved the class with Gail today.  Thanks again for making Carolyn's mother feel welcome during the class and last week when we first came in.  
Lovely atmosphere; great customer service.

oh my gosh, i love your store! I am soooo into beading ever
since i went there.  whenever i walk in the door, i dont want to leave.
i could spend forever there.  i love the variety.  its like bead
heaven.  i love going there to find beads to create more jewelry.....and im
only 12!  you just keep doin what ur doin.  

I love the store, and didn't know that it existed until I
was sitting at the sandwich shop across the street and I looked in that
direction and there was the word "beads" that's all it took! I was on
my bike and didn't have much cash so I just looked around a bit and
talked with a couple of ladies in the store who were wonderfully nice
(Sharon & Linda think). They invited me to come in and join the beaders on
fridays and told me all about the classes, and gave me a newsletter.  I
was impressed with the store and the kind people that work there.  I
will definitely be shopping there, and checking out the classes on your
website.  Thanks for the memorable visit to your store!  Thanks for

Sherry...wow the website changes look great! from all the
pictures to the new buttons! and the store is really looking terrific
also... all your hard work and care shows!
see ya soon!

Paula writes
...Sherry, that is such a good picture of you on the website. Congratulations
on your great accomplishments. You have come a long way! I really appreciate the
selection of beads and findings. Your prices are so reasonable and it amazes me
how you get it all done. Keep up the great work and see you soon.

I love the Eclectic, matte finish look of
your Thai Silver! ... Molly

Greg writes:
Your store is fantastic and I like the classes.

Thank Goodness Albany finally has a
"Real" bead store!!!...Bonnie

Aleya says...
I originally found out about your store during the free classes down town in October. It was soooooo much fun, so I picked up
earring making as my new hobby. Now I'm into bracelets as well. It's so exciting and easy to do! I can't wait to take the basic wire wrapping
and chandelier earring classes...and add to my jewelery! Thanks for all your help. You're always so friendly every time I come in and so helpful!

Was in last night to your shop. Thanks again for all the help and advice you gave me. I would love to start receiving your newsletter and would
be interested in taking your wire wrapping course. Thanks again...

Hi Sherry, The festival was great and the necklaces were a huge success! Thank you so much for working with us on this project and I will look
forward to working with you in the future.  

Christine wrote...
By chance I visited your store. Good Luck! I liked what I saw so far and I hope to see all of your new arrivals!

My husband and I were in your shop today and you helped me with a little connector. I purchased the tool and fixed his necklace...it looks
pretty good. Thank you for your help...

Jadynne writes -
I am just starting to bead and I LOVE IT! Thank you for being a local bead company I can come to any time!